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KEVMAR Plastics Pty Ltd: Your OEM Partner in Plastic Manufacturing

Welcome to KEVMAR Plastics Pty Ltd, where innovation meets partnership. Established in 2012, our journey began with a singular objective: to foster a partnership-based business model that fuels product sales and development, all while keeping our customers' needs at the forefront, with their customers in mind.

Our Founder's Story:

With a rich background in product development and management,Business development, people training, mentorship, and enterprise sales, our founder's passion for innovation led them back to their first love - the kitchen. This time, it was about manufacturing products for the kitchen rather than working in a restaurant. Today, KEVMAR is a family-owned and operated company specializing in injection moulding and vacuum forming. We proudly manufacture plastic parts integral to catering equipment production, supporting a network of manufacturers who rely on our quality components to enhance their products. Beyond the culinary world, we collaborate with various manufacturers, spanning industries such as leisure and camping, refrigeration, and merchandising.

Our Approach:

At KEVMAR, we invite you to engage in open discussions that cultivate grand ideas. Our commitment to creativity is unwavering, always with an eye on cost-efficiency. Let us embark on this journey together, turning your concepts into reality.

Join hands with KEVMAR Plastics Pty Ltd and experience the power of partnership, innovation, and precision in plastic manufacturing. Together, we can shape the future of your products

Kevmar Plastics, a visionary leader in the plastics industry, has steadfastly championed sustainable plastic production principles for over a decade. With 12 years of dedicated existence, Kevmar has established a legacy deeply rooted in environmental responsibility and an unwavering commitment to creating a more sustainable, eco-conscious future for plastics.

Throughout its remarkable journey, Kevmar Plastics has consistently embodied the ethos of recycling and reusing materials. We demonstrate this commitment through our innovative product line, including the eco-friendly J38, J40, and J50 leg jacks crafted from recycled polypropylene (PP) from post-consumer and post-industrial origins. This initiative underscores our mission to reduce plastic waste and preserve valuable resources.

Kevmar's approach goes beyond mere material selection. We support cutting-edge recycling and reprocessing technologies, ensuring that every J38, J40, and J50 leg jack is environmentally friendly and of the highest quality and performance. In doing so, we have significantly reduced the demand for new plastic production, advancing the broader goal of a closed-loop system for plastics.

Our catchphrase, "A leg to stand on," embodies our dedication to providing sturdy, reliable, and sustainable products. With every leg jack we manufacture, we offer support and a step towards a greener, more responsible future.

Kevmar Plastics serves as a beacon for the catering manufacturers industry, demonstrating that sustainability and profitability can coexist harmoniously. By prioritizing recycled polypropylene in our products, we reduce the environmental impact of our offerings and lead the entire industry toward a brighter, more sustainable future, where plastics play a pivotal role in a circular economy instead of being disposable commodities.


J38S and J40HD leg jack
J38S leg jack
J40S leg jack
C60 Adjustable corner
C25 adjustable corner
KEVMAR Durties table Bung


Coolline Under bar drip tray
KEVMAR Display tray for butcharies
PCF Trading Deli fridge patch-end
Crioni Deli fridge
KEVMAR Grab Hand
Crioni Deli fridge patch-end
Olympic Deli fridge patch-end
Quali Parts fridge door handle backing
Olympic Deli fridge patch-end
Drip tray for RD150\200


Brutalè Food waste Disposal
KEVMAR Vac 1800

Our Team

Proudly Family-Owned: KEVMAR - Kevin and Mariaan

Tsepho Baloyi, a longtime family member, now manages the injection molding & vacuum-forming process

Kenneth Barnard: Key Player in Daily Operations, CAD Drawings, CNC, Project managment and Mould Building


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Office number: 0726097422

Email: kevin@kevmarplastics.co.za


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